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PC Books is a free tutorials site, with lots of examples and coding and MCQ questions. This site is very helpful for the beginners as well as for the experts also. Readers will learn new skills and they can apply in their own need.

The journey has commenced with few tutorials, MCQs in 2017 and gradually it started growing with continuous hard working.

Myself Gobinda Mukherjee, from Bolpur(INDIA), owner of this site. I have tried to create this site for the beginners, students who really want to learn new skills and technique.

If you have any kind of suggestions or advices you can write to me.

e-mail address:

1. [email protected]
2. [email protected]

I am really grateful to some people, whose precious advices, encouragement and help have really uplift me. Without their help I can't do this. So, hats off to them....

1. Payel Maji - She is a hard worker. Having determination to task, she likes to take challenge. She has helped me a lot in making this site from the very begining. Alongside all of her characteristics she is after all a very good person.

2. Alik Mandal - He is one of my best friends. He always helps me in every need. He has a big contribution in making this site. He is a Reliable and Hard working person. After all he is a very good and honest person.

3. Prosenjit Kundu - Reliable and hard worker are his most powerful characteristics. He has potential that will take him to the top. He has also contributed his time to make this site.